The First Step to Better Living

How getting a coach can transform your wellness journey.

By Jon Brandi

If you took some time to reflect upon it, are you getting the results you are looking to achieve in regards to the following?
  • losing weight
  • eating better
  • moving better
  • feeling better
  • building muscle
  • improving health markers

If not, have you considered coaching? After all, high performing executives, creatives, professional athletes and teams use coaching to help them get superior results.

At Brandi Fitness we do fitness differently. Sure we do events, classes and training sessions but the real special sauce of what we do is coaching, which has been the primary impetus in getting our clients sustainable results.

Personally, both Cassie and I have experienced how profoundly helpful coaching has been to growing our marriage and business.

Coaching is a forward-focused collaborative process of discovery which includes:

  • identifying and removing barriers to open new pathways of possibilities
  • a deeper sense of clarity on what to do next
  • built in accountability & encouragement to support continual progress

Coaching looks different for everybody and that is why a personalized approach can be so powerful.

We understand that life can be a juggling act which is why we specialize in a personalized holistic coaching approach (including lifestyle, activity and nutrition) to help those we work with live, move, and feel better. Throughout the process, we guide you to discovering & adopting solutions to make healthier living fit your lifestyle – not the other way around.

Recently we have expanded our offerings to help you get results that last.

With Brandi Fitness Training and Wellness Services you can:

  • live anywhere (online and in person coaching options)
  • have a VERY BUSY life and still make progress
  • keep your current gym membership, classes & routine or do training at home
  • train with us if you want to build skills and technique to optimize your results
  • live DIET FREE & continue enjoying the foods you like
  • keep your food preferences – vegan, vegetarian, etc.

Interested in chatting about what a personalized holistic coaching approach might look like for you in your life? We would love to set up a time for a quick chat free of charge and no pressure whatsoever. We are looking forward to hearing from you!

Fill out this questionnaire and we will be in touch to schedule a time to meet, call or video chat!