10 Years of Teaching Zumba

And what I learned from taking time off. 

By Cassie Brandi

This month marks 10 years of teaching Zumba! I’m so grateful for the friends on the cruise ship (who were professional dancers – hello!) who lovingly supported me by letting me practice on them!! My amazing classes over the years and the smiles on your faces have made it all worth it. I’ve been lucky to dance with so many people around the world. Music and dance are truly universal.

These past three months I had decided to take a break from teaching to see how it would affect my body and my mind. After 3 months of no dancing, here’s what I found. In the beginning it was a nice break for my body and my mind. I had been learning 1 new choreography a week or so for the last 10 years… so that’s a lot of choreo! After a few weeks I felt like I missed moving my hips, I became depressed, felt like I moved slower, my confidence went down, I felt less sexy and someone should’ve definitely called the fun police (yes it’s something I say) because I had missed the “party” we had each week.

I was wondering if that was it for me… maybe I just succumb to “this is how I feel now?” So I did something I hadn’t done in 3 months, I just put on a video and danced by my self in my office. I was surprised to find that after ONE song, my mood was better, I was reminded of how much I liked latin music, shaking my booty and the confidence dance gave me. That was all the proof I needed.

I could think of no better way than to celebrate my 10 year anniversary than dancing with you! I’ll be teaching a FREE Zumba class virtually in the next few weeks. Please feel free to join me for one song or for the whole class and see how it makes YOU feel. If you’d like to join, email us here and we’ll be sure to notify you with more details about the class.