How to Choose Safe & Effective Supplements

Tips for choosing the best supplements.

By Jon Brandi

When choosing a supplement to support your health and goals. It is important to ask the following questions related to quality, potency, and purity:

  • Do the ingredients reflect accurately what is in the package/bottle?
  • Are the ingredients included safe?
  • Is the supplement free of harmful ingredients (mercury, pharmaceuticals, etc)?
  • Does it include a clinically effective dose that in studies has shown to produce the outcome you are looking to achieve?

I think we can all agree that what goes into our body matters. We only offer supplement brands that have strict in house quality standards, provide clinically effective dosages, and carry international third party certifications like the ones in the image to the left. This way, you can rest assured that what you are taking is safe, and what is on the label is what you are getting in your product.

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Till next time!

Coach Jon