4 Benefits of Virtual Training

Why many will continue training virtually after the pandemic is over.

By Cassie Brandi

1. Motivation/Accountability. Change out of those stretchy pants lately? I know the feeling. Having accountability to show up for a workout is huge in this time and it’s helpful to have friends to sweat “alongside” you while training. 

2. It’s convenient. No travel time to and from the gym means more time doing..well…anything else. 

3. Avoid injury. Having someone watch your back and offer modifications based on your body type is everything. I’ve spent years doing exercises incorrectly, aggravating my lower back and it’s empowering to know that you can go crush it and not wonder if you are doing it right. 

4. Reach your goals without guesswork. Do doctors learn how to diagnose from Instagram? I think not. So why do so many settle for an Instagram workout when you could have someone show you how to workout smarter instead of harder?

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