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"Working with Jon has been one of the best decisions of my life. Jon is punctual and professional and excellent at curating the workout plan that works best for you. He is very good at listening to his clients' needs and desires and formulating an exercise plan that sets you best up for success to achieve those goals. I recommend Jon Brandi Fitness for anyone trying to make some beneficial life changes and building strong/healthy new habits!"
"Jon has helped me to become stronger and more flexible with a custom designed fitness program, which he helps me to adjust based on my current body condition. If a particular exercise is causing discomfort, he knows just what stretches or adjustments to recommend."
"Jon is consistent, supportive and knowledgeable."
"Jon is knowledgeable and passionate in his pursuit of helping his clients achieve their goals in a healthy way . He really listens and tailors his advice accordingly. I was able to finally achieve the lowest body fat percentage of my adult life training with Jon, after years of trying unsuccessfully on my own."
“When I started working with Jon Brandi, I have to admit I was very skeptical at first. I didn’t think I had the will to follow through. I expressed to Jon that my challenge was going to be changing my diet. Little did I know that more than a year later I have continued going strong. Jon is very knowledgeable about personal training. When I found an exercise challenging he encourage me to continue even when I didn’t believe in myself-he knew I could. I wouldn’t say that I have figured it out and that things are perfect-if that is even possible. However, I know that every day I have a choice and just because I “slip up” doesn’t mean that I should just forget about all the progress I made. I have seen other personal trainers but I think that Jon was right for me and I am so grateful to have the opportunity to work with Jon.”
"Jon is different than any yoga teacher I have worked with in the past. He is in tune with his students to the point where he wrote each of us a personalized card for the holidays. He is devoted to seeing progress in each of us and offers advice outside of our yoga practice. We begin each class by reflecting on our past week and then move into a series of exercises that lead into a seated meditation. His practice goes beyond the traditional yoga exercises and introduces a refreshing set of poses that help to alleviate stress, tense muscles and cluttered minds."
"So blessed to have Jon help me. Coming out of a stressful season that was taking a tole on my body, Jon has coached me to where my mind is less foggy and my body moves with more confidence. Thank you, Jon, for your professionalism and desire to help others be their best self. Highly recommend!!!"
"Coach Jon Brandi is a very attentive and enthusiastic coach. He is very passionate about health and fitness and is eager to share this knowledge with me. Jon has cared for me by sharing mobility exercises to increase muscle flexibility, creating a custom workout regime for me, and checking in to see how I’m feeling and how my workouts are going. He is very inspiring and encourages me to make progress and make changes every day."
Alex M
“Jon’s yoga class makes me feel less stressed and more focused. The classes are a much needed balance in my life and help to reverse the effects of my slouched posture over a computer. Since I’ve been taking his class I feel stronger, have more energy, which I need to keep up with my 2.5 year old, and his positive “be grateful and use your breath to get through it” philosophy spills over into my personal life. I am grateful for his class!”
"Since working with Jon:
1. I'm making better food choices. Not because I'm forced to. It's because I want to and I enjoy what I'm eating and how the food makes me feel. 2. My clothes fit better - I'm starting to see some body definition. I'm liking this body recomposition. 3. I sleep better 4. I'm stronger. I have increased my weights I use during my workouts from 10 lbs to 15 lbs. I can swing a 16 lb kettle bell and I can perform my exercises with better form. Also I went to batting practice this past weekend - although its off season right now, my boyfriend and I like to practice softball once in a while. Softball season is Apr-Aug. During batting practice both he and I noticed I'm able to knock the ball much further than I use to last year - I'm pretty confident it's because of the additional muscle mass I've been building. 5. I'm running faster. I broke my personal best record this past Sunday - sub 9 min/mile."
"Jon is an awesome trainer and a special human being! He is exceptionally talented, experienced and accommodating. I started training with Jon in preparation for my wedding. Within a short amount of time, he helped me achieve my goals. Three years later I continue to work with Jon to work on my strength, mobility and flexibility. Jon’s knowledge of physiology and biomechanics have been a big help and a great asset for our training sessions. I would strongly recommend Jon to anyone looking for physical training whether they are looking to get better, change it up or a newbie."
Alex L
"Jon’s ability to engage participants while allowing them to set their own pace and level of participation is amazing This workshop will help you gently break through the false barriers presented by society, culture, peers, unmet expectations and personal fears. Expect to walk away with the quiet sense of invigorated calm that comes from a reconnecting to your true self."
"I met Jon when I learned I had to go to Mt Everest Base Camp for work. Base Camp sits at an altitude of nearly 18 thousand feet…oxygen levels there are 50% of what they are at sea level. Getting there requires a difficult and dangerous 8 day uphill trek through the Himalayas. Seriously…people die just trying to get there. And just to be clear…I was not the picture of physical fitness. When I connected with Jon, I had two months to get in shape or risk serious injury or worse. Jon did a thorough assessment and then immediately put together a program to get me ready. He connected me with nutritionists and physical therapists.  Within a short period of time, I was in the best shape of my life…and I had blast getting there! So much so that I’ve continued to train with Jon since my return from Nepal. Jon is meticulous in his preparations and has a scientist’s understanding of bio-mechanics and takes great care to explain exactly what he’s doing, why, and how it all fits together. He is obsessed with proper form to ensure that you maximize each exercise and that you avoid injury. He’s a great trainer…and a great friend."