How to Burn More Calories Without Exercising More

The key role of protein in a high fat/low carb diet.

By Jon Brandi

Hello & Happy Holidays! Coach Jon here! I hope you are all feeling well and experiencing the  joy this season brings even amidst the business and inevitable stress that can tend to present itself at this time of year.

I welcome you, humble reader, to the launch of website for Brandi Fitness.  For those of you that have supported my wife, Cassie, and I through our various projects and other fitness ventures (Cassie Zumba, BromYoga, and Jon Brandi Fitness) we thank you so very much for your support. For those of you that are brand new we look forward to getting to know you and to serve all of your healthy living needs and desire with Brandi Fitness!

I welcome you also to the very first edition of Ask The Coach, where we answer all of your fitness, nutrition, and healthy living questions!  For details on how to submit your question to us for a future Ask the Coach blog post please see the bottom of this post.

Let’s get this holiday party started with the opening question!

Is it a healthy to eat high fat and low carb?

-Nancy B

Great question, Nancy, and I reply a resounding absolutely! Especially if you are looking to lose fat, provided you are eating less calories than you burn each day. High fat/low carb diets are also very useful for those looking to stay lean as well.  
That leads me to the title of this blog post. Perhaps the most important (and often overlooked) macronutrient to keep in mind in this equation is protein. Protein helps us build and preserve lean muscle which is especially important as we get older if we are looking to increase muscle mass. Protein also increases our ability to burn calories, due to the higher thermogenic effect it has…in other words: your body burns more calories breaking down protein than it does for carbs and fats.  So if you are low in your protein and want a boost to your calorie burn, raise your hand and raise your protein intake. Generally, I recommend eating at least 1-2 palm sizes (1 for females, 2 for males) of protein at each meal.  Some great protein options are listed below:
Meat Eaters:
  • beef, wild game, lamb, poultry, seafood, eggs
  • cottage cheese or greek yogurt (unsweetened)
  • whey protein powder (high quality chocolate and vanilla options)


  • beans, peas, legumes, tofu, tempeh
  • vegan protein powder (high quality chocolate and vanilla options)

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Live in health and joy!

Coach Jon

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